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Start your journey to becoming an Accredited Lean & Six Sigma Professional.

Lean & Six Sigma are proven methodologies that

1)  Improve productivity

2) Increase customer satisfaction

3) Reduce operational costs

FlowPlus Academy provides training that is deliberately different to other providers; it is practical, concise and accredited. The combination of these 3 things mean you will learn how to practically apply the tools, with confidence, learning in an accelerated way.

FlowPlus Academy is an arm of FlowPlus Ltd - specialists in operational improvement. Our courses have been collated by expert consultants and lecturers from top British universities and aim to give you the skills and knowledge to make a difference within your business.

Our Courses 

We offer 5 different courses across 2 different certifications; Lean Practitioner & Lean Six Sigma.

Just like martial arts, Lean Six Sigma courses follow the coloured belt system. Whether you are just starting out and training for your white belt or becoming a master black belt, we have courses across all levels.


White Belt

certificate white belt.png

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Learn the foundations of Lean Six Sigma & start you journey with some basic tools.


Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Cetficate

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Learn a complete and practical understanding of the core and advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma.


Yellow Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Cetficate

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Become well versed in the foundations of Lean Six Sigma and gain the skills to support in operational improvement.


Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Cetficate

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Become an expert in Lean Six Sigma and capable of leading large scale improvement projects. This course is the most advanced Lean Six Sigma course.

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Complete Lean Practitioner Cetficate

Certified Lean Practitioner Certification

Learn how to practically apply Lean & Continuous Improvement tools in your life and professional career.

Difficulty level: 3
Difficulty level: 1
Difficulty level: 2
Difficulty level: 4
Difficulty level: 5

Why FlowPlus Academy?

FlowPlus Accreditation Certificate
Expert Lean Consultants

Accredited certification

Learn from the experts

Real world Lean Six Sigma application

Real world experience

All certificates at FlowPlus Academy are officially accredited and recognised internationally. Whether you a looking to enhance your career or learn an extra skill, this highly regarded certificate will highlight your CV.

The courses at FlowPlus Academy have been created by experts in Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement. From lecturers at top british universities to experts in the field we have collated and condensed the knowledge from hundreds of experts to bring you the most complete courses

The courses at FlowPlus Academy aim to give you real world knowledge to be able to apply your new learnt skills in your career and personal life. We use knowledge from consultants and experts in the field to give you examples you will encounter in your own life. 


“Really enjoying the course, is taught in a very easy to follow way and goes much deeper than just definitions. Excited to get lean practitioner certified!” 

—  Mike Peirce, Production Manager