Lean Practitioner Certification

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  • Officially Accredited Certificate

Learn how to practically apply Lean & Continuous Improvement tools in your life and professional career.


By the end of this course, you will be able to practically apply Lean & Continuous Improvement tools in your life and professional career.


This course is different from Six Sigma courses. We have designed this course to be much more practical and tailored to people who do not want to focus solely on 'quality improvements', but instead apply the powerful lean, six sigma and continuous improvement tools.

If you want to learn how to transform a business, remove inefficiencies, & create significant improvements with a continuous improvement culture - This is the course for you. Developed as a fast-track, practical training course for anyone that wants to learn not just the theory, but also the practical side of lean management, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. By the end of this course, you will be fully trained & equipped to apply lean tools within your business, achieving the huge benefits each tool can bring, along with a step-by-step guide of how to implement the tools.

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All the best content has been collated and simplified where possible, using the most impactful examples.



You will not learn just lean theory, you will learn practically how to apply the tools.



Developed by Lean experts (including lecturers from leading British Universities), Lean/CI authors & Consultants.

Course Overview

Who is this course for?
Lean is a methodology that is effective in every single sector. Regardless of whether you are working in IT, manufacturing, the military or health care. If you want to learn the tools that transform businesses and make significant improvements, this course is for you. It will boost your employability, skills set and salary
Typical results you will benefit from, after completing the course:
  • Significant Cost Savings

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Company Growth

  • Improved Customer Delivery

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Higher Quality Products/Services

Free Online Course:

Length: 6 hours

Requirements: No Prerequisites

Certification: Completion Certificate

In-Person Course

Length: 5 days

Requirements: No Prerequisites

Certification Method: 

Lean Practitioner Accreditation

1 Hour Examination

1 Project Implementation