Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

  • Available In-class and Online

  • Officially Accredited Certificate

  • Includes White Belt Material

Become well versed in the foundations of Lean Six Sigma and gain the skills to support in operational improvement.


The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is often the starting point for many on their Lean Six Sigma journey. This course gives a general introduction into Lean Six Sigma and by the completion of this course you should be well versed in its foundations.

This course will give you the skills and knowledge to lead limited improvement projects yourself or serve as a team member or support to more complex projects.

You will learn how to work part of Lean Six Sigma team, and exist as a support for the more advanced Green and Black Belts. In an improvement initiative the team members play a vital role as the ones who conduct research, analysis and solution development  and this course will equip you with the skills needed to do that.


By the end of this course you will be able to provide a valuable contribution to Operational Improvement initiatives using Lean Six Sigma.

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All the best content has been collated and simplified where possible, using the most impactful examples.

You will not learn just lean theory, you will learn practically how to apply the tools.



Developed by Lean experts (including lecturers from leading British Universities), Lean/CI authors & Consultants.

Course Overview

Who is this course for?
The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is best suited for those who are looking to play a supporting role in operational improvement projects. It is designed to give you the skills and knowledge required to carry out research & analysis that will support an improvement project along with an understanding of the bigger picture. It is ideal for middle managers, team leads and junior improvement professionals
Typical results you will benefit from, after completing the course:
  • Productivity Improvement to your personal and work life

  • Lead Limited Improvement Projects

  • Support Complex Improvement Projects

  • Carry out analysis on process & quality improvement

  • Understand change and help drive it

Free Online Course:

Length: 3 hours

Requirements: No Prerequisites

Certification: Completion Certificate

In-Person Course

Length: 2 days

Requirements: No Prerequisites

Certification Method: 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Accreditation

1 Hour Examination